New Project! 佛饭 Fo Fan, a digital cookbook with Chinese, vegan recipes.


Graphic Design for Shiming, a Chinese company for home textiles and accessories. 

Branding, Logo & Animation - Maria Luisa Uth

Typography - Qianli Ma

Marketing for Shiming tropical tiger bedding.

Art Director, Pattern, Animation - Maria Luisa Uth

Photography - Wang Yang


Augmented Reality App for the city Kiel, Germany. Like many german cities Kiel was destroyed in the second world war and was not rebuild in its original style. Thats why you may have the impression, that Kiel is a young city and don't expect it to be already 800 years old. This App can be used to reveal its long history and let the buildings revive directly where they once stood. A map shows the user where to go to find an tombstone like, scannable symbol for the lost building. Once scanned, the old building will be visible through Augmented Reality. Different areas of the building will be selectable to give the user more information about its history.